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How to Change Yahoo Password

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Learn : How Can i Fix Restore Google account ?

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How To Fix Recover Google Drive ?

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How to Fix Unlock Google Account ?

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How Do You Recover Your Disabled Google account ?

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How to Fix Delete Gmail / Google account on android ?

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Get Google Account Password Recovery

Know Help for Google Account Recovery ? Learn Here How to recover Google account  .  So , if You Have Any Kind of Help then Contact here .

How to Reset iTunes Password on iPhone ?


How to fix Reset iTunes Password on Here, You will Learn Reset itunes Password then fix here Dial here - 1 866 235 4333 to resolve technical solution at instantly . iPhone with Password ?


It is Quite easy to change or reset iTunes passcode if you remember the one being used. Before you get started, please make Need Sure that you iPhone is running with iOS 10 or later.
Follow here: -

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > tap your name > "Password & Security" > "Change Password".

Step 2. Follow the given instructions and then enter your present password in to proper column.

Step 3. Now Need to Enter the new password and please remember it.

Reset iTunes Password on iPhone Without Password
Unluckily, if you forget iTunes passcode, the resetting procedure will be a little more complicated. Follow the given steps to reset iTunes Password on iPhone without Password.

Step 1. Go to Safari, enter "Apple ID website".

Step 2. Tap on "Sign in" and then enter your Apple ID, after which choose "Next", and on the new interface, tap on "Forgot Apple ID or password?".

Step 3. There are two ways to reset iTunes password. One is to reset the passcode from another android device, the other one is to use trusted phone number.

#1. If you choose or Select the to reset from another android device, then an email will be sent to the other device of yours, containing an instruction of resetting new iTunes password.
#2. If you choose or to reset with a trusted number, then you need to enter your phone number and then reset new iTunes password.

Solution 2. How to Reset iTunes Password on Computer
If you forgot your iTunes Password, and you want to reset it on computer, Then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch iTunes. Similarly, please Now make Sure that you have upgraded iTunes to the latest version, if not, please upgrade it.

Step 2. Now Click on "Account" > "Sign In…" and click "Forgot Apple ID or password?" on the new interface.

You can also go to Apple ID website directly and click on "Forgot Apple ID or password?".

Step 3. Now Need to Enter your Apple ID and then click "Next". There are also two ways to reset iTunes password: with Email authentication or to answer security questions.

Solution 3. Tips: How to Reset iTunes Encrypted Backup Password
If you have backed up your android iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iTunes before, you need to set a password to protect and encrypt your backups. Here will you fix How to reset iTunes Encrypted Backup -

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Step 2. Tap on "Reset All Settings" and then enter your iOS passcode. All the steps will not affect you user data or passwords, but some settings like display brightness, Home screen layout, and wallpaper will be Changed and the encrypted backup password will be moved.

Step 3. Now Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iTunes again and then you can create a new encrypted backup. The previous version is not available anymore.


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Get issues for Gmail not receiving Some emails ? if you have more trouble then fix here .

Delayed emails in your inbox? Wrong labeling and typographical errors can result in your mail ending up in someone else's mailbox. If you are facing problems receiving emails then checking certain important things like whether they were addressed to the right person is crucial. There might be errors like typing the wrong address in recipient box or making any typographical errors when typing the address as there are millions of email addresses and much sound alike.


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If you keep receiving someone else's mails or have trouble finding your own mail then following these instructions can help:


Check whether the mail was really addressed to you (there might be an address that sounds similar as yours)Check whether the sender has been using the right email addressCheck if the mails you are receiving in your account are really spam or emails addressed to groups for promotional purposeCheck if you haven't blocked the email id
There are several other issues that may be responsible for the delayed emails. Checking Google customer service help website for information on what might be wrong with the account or following suitable measures is helpful but it doesn't always work.


Gmail not receiving emails topic has explored as a complaint across different forums. The most common reason is that most people end up receiving spam email or because they are subscribed to several services. But minimizing the subscription to the important ones really helps.


How to fix Gmail not receiving emails on time?

Gmail is a very popular email service which is used by millions of users around the globe to send and receive messages. Besides this, the Gmail account is also used for accessing various third- party accounts and apps for authentication. Undoubtedly, Gmail is one of the best email services, but due to some technical glitches, there are chances that some users might encounter Gmail not receiving emails issue. Well, don’t worry as you can easily fix this issue by reaching out to Google support or following the simple procedure that you will be provided in this article.

Procedure to fix Gmail unable to receive emails on time
Generally, this kind of issue arises when your Gmail account is not configured properly and which leads to Gmail delay receiving emails issue. And to fix this issue you simply need to follow the instructions stated below:

For this process, you are required to launch the Gmail website.Further, you need to enter your username and password in the provided field to Sign in.Once you are signed in, click on the gear option present in the window.And to move ahead with the procedure, click on Settings.Thereafter, you need to select Forwarding POP/IMAP settings.Then, you are required to select Enable POP for all mail.And for new messages select Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on option.Once done, you need to click on save option for saving changes.After that, you are required to close the window.
Besides this, if you still are unable to fix this issue, you can reach out to the helpline and get the desired assistance. The dedicated team of representative will ensure that your issues are resolved in time before it affects the settings of the mail server.

Hence, next time when you face such an issue, just try out this simple procedure and receive your emails without any interruption.

Where and how can you find effective support when you are not receiving emails properly?
If you have synced your Gmail accounts then you might have a problem receiving emails since having too many accounts doesn't help. Instead, it confuses the user so minimizing to one account is a practical solution.

Having different clients (imap and pop) configured in other accounts is also confusing. Some people add a forwarding address but unless you are checking your mails every day, the mail will get accumulated and organizing will take a lot of time.

How about getting external help?
The most basic option would be to look for help on the official Gmail customer service live chat website. You will be able to find easy tutorials and other help online. However, looking for tutorials online takes a lot of time and it doesn't exactly help.

Getting external help means that you can find effective solutions which are hard to come by when looking for help online because the latter is extremely time consuming.You can find easy help on different Gmail matters like gmail not receiving emails or gmail not receiving emails from one person through customer support professionals.Online chat access assistance is provided through in person support officials so you can easily contact any of the teams that are available nearby for easy help.You can hire in-person service from any third parties as they offer better and effective support on all issues within Gmail. You can also find support on all matters such as the services that you have synchronized with your Gmail account.

Source: http://www.cuesinfo.com/blog/gmail-not-receiving-emails

How to Fix Gmail not receiving emails ?

As you know Google or Gmail is an biggest email service which everyone uses daily.so , It is the popular service which Google provides that can be accessed on the web. There are millions of users of Gmail who are utilizing its services in an effective way. But if you are facing Gmail not receiving emails . We know that , Gmail email is the most popular and unique service which is used for business communication since it is also the most secure network .


How to Fix - Gmail Not Receiving Emails


• Firstly, update the app with the latest versions available. Sometimes, just updating the app solves the sync issue. Updating the app with the new version will solve most of the problems
• Just restart your device. Looks funny but works most of the time
• Verify your connectivity or network. Make sure it is working properly or not.
• Check your Gmail settings whether the sync is on. Yet times, we mistakenly turn it off
• Open Gmail app and then tap the menu button on the top left corner. Go to settings. Tap on your account. Make sure you have selected sync Gmail
• Clear your Gmail app data. Open your phone’s setting app. Firstly, select Apps and Notifications. Next select App Info then Gmail. Now, select storage and then clear data. Tap OK.

If you didn’t resolve the issue using the steps that are mentioned above, then you have no other option left rather than to contact Gmail Phone Number to get the required Gmail Sending or receiving Some Emails .


Now you can vastly Get Gmail technical Support Phone by making a call on its (24/7) customer Support . This outstanding advertising supported service was initially started by Google.


How to recover Gmail password without Phone number and recovery email | 1 866 235 4333

Gmail is one of the most wonderful accounts that are usually made use of by different users. It offers many convenient options that are really perfect for handling a vast number of users simultaneously. In case, of any difficulty or problem in accessing your Gmail account, Google asks for a recovery back in form of an email Id or phone number. But an important question here is that how to recover Gmail password without Phone number and even without using recovery email. In case, a user doesn’t have access to nothing from both of them then, in this case, what should be done to recover Gmail account? Let’s have a description of  Gmail Password recovery without phone number through Google account Recovery Page.


Steps to recover Gmail account without Phone number and Email Id:


  • Go to Gmail account login page. Enter your email address.
  • After that you will be asked enter your password. Click on forgot my password link. Now, once you click on forgot password, you will be required to enter last password you remember.
    If you do not remember last password then hit the button of enter your phone number. Now, if you have forgotten your Phone number then you can click on do not have access to phone number.
  • In this case, if you have downloaded any backup codes earlier then it will be an act of courtesy. Just enter it and you will be able to reset your password.
  • Now, enter your password and reenter it. You will be able to recover your account.
  • Similarly, this process can be followed to recover your Gmail password without email

In case, you have any difficulty in recovering your password without phone number and email then you can also get in touch with third party customer service option to recover Google account recovery page.



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Source: http://www.equoesto.com/blog/google-account-recovery-tips

Google Account Recovery Page

With the advent of technology many convenient things have become a comrade of the users. Google account is such a fabulous thing that is used by the internet users. The creation of Google account has become mandatory for using different amenities given by Google account such as Gmail and blogger account etc. The use of Google account is really appreciated by different individuals. No doubt, Google account has a large user base and its different applications are widely appreciated by different users. This account is not free from different issues as well. Different individuals tend to forget the password of their Google account and therefore, it results in different kind of issues. In this case, it becomes a severe issue to expect Google account recovery. So, do you wish to see the steps of Google account recovery? If yes, then scroll below:



 Steps to recover your Google account password or call 1 866 235 4333


It may cause a severe issue if people forget the password of Google account. To reset your Google account’s password, follow these steps:


  • First of all, go to Google account recovery page. Once you reach at this page. Select I have forgotten my account’s password.
  • Now, it will ask you to enter your Google account’s user name. Enter your Google account’s user name.
  • In the next step, it will ask you to enter your last password you remember.
  • In case, you remember last password fill it, in case you do not remember your last password then provide an alternate email Id or alternate phone number provided at the time of account creation.
  • Now, to proceed further, Google will send you a 8 digit verification code on your alternate mobile number or alternate email Id.
  • Now, click on that code to verify that it is you only, who wish to reset your password.
  • Now, after clicking on the verification link you are all set to reset your password. Enter your password and confirm it.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully recovered your Google account.


So, if you suffer from any kind of unnecessary issues while resetting your password, then you go to Google account recovery page for the solution of your problem. Even if you confront any issue, then you can contact third party agents for the quick solution of your problem. Their well-informed techies will solve all your issues related to Google account recovery and you will be able to solve any kind of issues.

Source: http://www.equoesto.com/blog/google-account-recovery-tips

How to Recover Deleted email Messages

In the modern world, the corporate communication has become quite abreast with the advent of emails. Gmail which was introduced in 2004 by Google has become one of the most efficient sources of business communication. Different corporate clients take ahead their business communication via emails and therefore, it has crossed huge popularity both among the clients and users. In spite of, such a great and reliable business communication strategies, the use of Gmail is also not free from glitches. Therefore, some people become panic when they find that their important Gmail messages have been deleted. So, what steps can be taken for Google account recovery. So, let’s see if any important Gmail message gets deleted then how one can recover this Gmail messages.


Steps to recover Deleted Gmail messages:


In case, any important message gets deleted from your Gmail account then don’t worry as Gmail provides option to recover it. The following steps will make you clear about how to recover deleted email messages.
 Open your Gmail account and after that directly open your trash folder. In case you are not able to locate trash folder you can also locate it by your efforts.
 For locating trash folder click on gear icon.
 Now moving further, go to drop down menu and there you will find settings option, now click on settings.
 After that you will see label option inside it, select that label option.
 Now in the next step scroll down until you locate bin label. Now proceed further and click on show button.
 In the last step, go to trash folder and select those messages you want to recover.
 Now, once you locate the messages you want to recover, right click on these so that they can be finally placed in inbox.
 Remember these steps to recover Gmail messages are valid for 30 days. After 30 days you are required to take the support of Google support team to recover your messages.


So, this step by step procedure is related to how to recover Gmail messages.In case, you face any obstacle in the successful completion of these steps, it is the best way to take assistance from a reliable third party agency. Their techies have keen insight in solving the troubles faced by their clients. Once you contact any reliable third party agency, all your troubles regarding how to recover deleted Gmail messages will be sorted out.


Source -  Google Account Recovery Page



Source: http://www.equoesto.com/blog/google-account-recovery-tips

How to Restore Deleted Google Account ? Solution is here

Gmail since its origin in 2004 has become one of the most sought-after mail services initiated by Google account. It has made the life of corporate professionals, businessmen, students, even the housewife much more amazing and easy. It is really hard to forget the contribution of Gmail in our daily lives and making the communication fast. No matter, whether you want to forward your C.V for applying a corporate job, or you are dealing with an important business meeting, all the communication can be handled by Gmail quite quickly and efficiently. Have you ever thought that if a Gmail account gets deleted by you accidentally is there any way to restore it? Accidentally such a situation can arise with any Gmail user. Thus, it is quite a good idea to learn the process to restore Gmail account.

How to restore Deleted Google Account - [Solved ]


These days your days and nights are ending in despair as despite your best efforts you are not able to recover deleted Gmail account. You really don’t know the process of deleted Gmail account. Here the steps to How to recover a deleted Google account are given below:


  • To recover your deleted account, go to Google account assistance page. There you will have to click on follow the steps to recover your deleted account.
  • Now, enter your email ID. You also have the option of entering your phone number. After selecting one option click on next.
  • Now you will see an option where you will have to enter the previous password.
  • After successfully accomplishing this task, you will be asked some questions regarding the confirmation of your Gmail account by answering some questions. After confirming it you will be able to restore your account. Now, click on continue and use it accordingly.


Once you follow these steps, you will be able to restore your deleted Gmail account.

If you still face any problem in the Google account recovery process, then it is the right time to attain assistance in this regard. You can take official Gmail customer support in this regard. If you have a shortage of time and cannot wait for Official Google support then it is the right time to acquire third-party support in this regard. After performing extensive research, select good third party assistance to make the most out of your invested money. You will be able to solve the problem of Google account recovery easily.



Source: http://www.equoesto.com/blog/google-account-recovery-tips

How to reset Gmail password

If your Gmail account have been hacked, then you can reset Gmail password. You are required to answer series of questions based on the information you have provided at the time of setting up of your Gmail account in order How to rest Gmail password. Go to mail.google.com and click on the forgot password link, the instructions given below are the ways to reset Gmail password:


After clicking the forgot password link, you will be prompted to enter your last remembered password. And if it happened to be your current password, you will be signed in to your account


  1. You couldn’t remember your last password and in order to reset Gmail password , you need to give your alternate email address and a 6-digit verification code will be sent to your alternative email address. Enter the Recovery code and you may be taken to the password reset page to do Gmail Password reset. Sometimes you will be asked some more questions to prove that your own your Gmail account. The more questions you answer, the are more chances to recover your Gmail account without phone number.
  2. Alternatively, when you don’t remember your last password but in order to reset your Gmail password without email address, you need to give your phone number and a 6-digit verification code will sent to your phone number as SMS or you will get a call based on your choice. Then you will be taken to reset page or you will be asked more questions to verify your ownership of the Gmail Account.
  3. Most of the questions you are asked to answer will be based on the information you have provided at the time of creating your Gmail account and will not based on the information that is not set up. For example: If you have not entered any recovery email address or phone number and that question will not be given.
Source: http://www.equoesto.com/blog/gmail-password-reset-phone-number